Minsal and increase in Covid-19 cases: “we are concerned in recent days about the Metropolitan Region”

The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, spoke with Mega where she referred to the slight increase in covid-19 cases that reached 1,037 new cases this Friday and said that “we are concerned in recent days the Metropolitan Region.” It should be remembered that 4,725 active cases were also reported, the highest record since August 22. Daza explained that “we have been seeing in the last 3 or 4 weeks, even I would say since September 8 a sustained increase in cases. In the first weeks it was in the northern regions, Arica, Tarapcá, Antofagasta that are where there has been the greatest percentage of increase. The southern regions are in a very favorable situation and we see that it is related to the vaccination process.” we are concerned in recent days about the Metropolitan Region. There are several variables here,” he said. In that line, the authority explained that “one, of course the people who are getting the most infected are those who have not been vaccinated, there we are seeing an increase in the number of cases. We are seeing in recent weeks an increase in cases in children and of course the greatest freedoms, crowds.” He added that “we are still with positivity rates that are low, close to 2%. There has not been an effect on hospitalizations, although we have been increasing cases for more than a month, but we are very alert because we know that we are facing a pandemic and we must be rigorous.” The “vaccination process is relevant, especially now the booster dose, because after 6 months the immunity decreases and that is why we have already two months ago partyed with this booster dose,” he closed.

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