Ángel de Brito revealed new messages between Icardi and La China Suárez: “I don’t want her anymore as a couple”

The scandal involving Wanda Nara, Mauro Icardi and Eugenia la China Suárez continues and while the parties are shown in networks from different points of view. Intermediaries and relatives show some more dyes of this media novel that was called “Wandagate”.

And while we could see fragments of the talk that the striker and the actress had, today in Los Angeles de la Mañana, from the closest environment of China they hinted at what was the tone in which the player wrote to him and what things he said about his marriage.
“I want to separate but she doesn’t take over”

According to the information released by Ángel de Brito, some of the most resonant phrases that Icardi would have let slip were: “I don’t want her as a couple anymore.” And he developed more the data he had before the different comments of the “little angels” in that line expressed that the striker told Eugenia: “I want to separate but she does not take charge” and when she raised any doubts about that statement, the scorer assured him that “I no longer want her as a couple”.

In addition, the driver said that Icardi “told him in great detail all the discussions he had with Wanda, even with some intimacies that did not leave Wanda standing well”, but the most resonant thing happened when he told her “The truth is that I stopped loving her. I already see her more as a sister or if you want her as a mother than as a wife,” phrases that were taken as true by China, which in its defense last week declared itself “inexperienced” to detect “men who lied to me about their marital status.”

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