500 organizations send letter to senators for reform of the ISR

Civil society organizations and non-profit institutions in Mexico sent a letter to senators of the Republic to ask them to reconsider the wording of article 151 of the Income Tax Law (ISR), referring to the deduction of up to 7% of donations made by individuals.
They ask them to consider two possible alternatives: the first, to implement gradual schemes based on the income of individuals.
“The higher the income of the people, the lower or no deductibility; the lower the income of people, encourage increasing the deductibility margin beyond what is currently allowed, “they point out.

The second proposal, set additional to the limit of 5 Unit of Measurement and Update (UMAS) per year for personal deductions, a second limit of 5 UMAS per year for tax-deductible donations. “Two different boundaries, not just one,” they say.
“It is necessary that the dialogue take place in the Senate of the Republic around the fiscal reforms that will limit the possibility of receiving donations from individuals, and not that a decision of this magnitude be made using power, and leaving aside the reason,” they said.
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Through the letter, signed by 500 organizations, they offer to be allies against corruption, informality and fiscal opacity; ensure that donations to CSOs are subject to a strict regime of transparency and supervision by the SAT, in addition to addressing anti-money laundering policies.
They added that CSOs are not opposed to accountability and transparency, and that they agree that “any organization that operates money laundering or tax evasion schemes for the benefit of individuals or companies” should be punished.
“Promoting transparency is essential, but if we inhibit donations, we all lose in this regard,” they said.
In the letter, they ask them to broaden the perspective and “see beyond the possible additional collection that the State would have to finance its actions”; highlight that many of the organizations have been created or supported by the Mexican State as mechanisms to help the work of public institutions
“Mexican civil society organizations contribute 1.37% of the national GDP and create millions of jobs. The impact on this sector could affect not only its beneficiaries, but the entire economy in a context of mexico’s slow economic recovery,” they said.
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They detailed the importance of civil society in Mexico; they assure that it has been the promoter of changes such as the creation of institutions that guarantee the right and access to information, the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples, electoral observance, gender parity, among others.
“It is a big problem that the legislative spaces do not have sufficient recognition of the relevant contributions that have been made by organized civil society to the construction of democracy, or that they decide not to take them into account,” they said.
They affirmed that they do not want to remember this date or this legislature having to close services and deny them to the population that requires them so much.
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