Solved observations by more than 2 MMDP in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Affirming that corruption is not something that can be proven with a phrase or with an accusation, but with the material truth and respecting human rights, the Secretary of Transparency and Accountability, María Guadalupe Yan Rubio, said that the observations of the Secretariat of the Public Function and the Superior Audit of the Federation that add up to an amount of 2,522 million pesos to the Government of Sinaloa, have already been solved in 100 percent in the public account of the fiscal year 2019.Al attend the appearance on the occasion of the gloss of the fifth report of the Government of Ordaz Coppel, said that the observations that were received from a place 28 have been traced and will be left in a third until the review of the public account of the year 2019.
In terms of investigations, a backlog of one thousand 114 files was received from the previous state administration and additionally 3 thousand 161 complaints were received, which give a total of 4 thousand 275, of which 3 thousand 546 have been resolved and 729 files are being processed. In the audit of the public account of 2020, in the first stage of the ASF report there were zero observations regarding the amount, and the corresponding to the second stage that the head of this supervisory body will present, it is expected to obtain a similar result.
He specified that of the period of the administration of Ordaz Coppel 2017-2019, the observations of the Secretariat of the Public Function were for the amount of one thousand 86 million pesos that are solved; while the Superior Audit of the Federation has made observations for one thousand 436 million pesos with a 100% solution. Public resources had an impact on the benefit of Sinaloans and progress was made in transparency and accountability, he said. He said that there was a universe of reviews by the auditing entities that is greater than 90% of the amount exercised, and the accountability is positive, because the observations are fully addressed, including the progress of the public account 2020.He highlighted the lag of observations of previous administrations that the current administration attended, from 2016 to 2016, observations were received from the SFP for an amount of one thousand 943 million pesos, which were already solved, and from the Superior Audit an amount of 6 thousand 142 million pesos was observed, 5 thousand 92 million pesos were attended, which represents an advance of 98 percent. He recognized that at the beginning of this administration, uses and customs were found that were the root of the high number of observations and their recidivism, which led to the implementation of a preventive plan that involved the application of methodologies that broke paradigms with the traditional. He added that the executing axes of the budgets were also accompanied to demonstrate the proper use of public resources, in chapters 2000, 3000 and 5000.As for the 2021 contracting procedures, he specified that 138 acts of failure and 66 sessions of works committees were carried out, with an amount of 606. 5 million pesos, without detecting misconduct by public servants or contractors. Read more: Morenoite Rubén Rocha Moya uncovers his cabinet for the Sinaloa government “Corruption is not something that can be proven with a phrase or with an accusation, with the material truth and respecting human rights, otherwise you must recognize the non-guilt,” he concluded in his speech. At stake is the future of the Fertilizer plant in Topolobampo, Sinaloa

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