Kast recorded videos supporting Chile’s candidacies Podemos More

A few days before the general elections, the presidential candidate of the Republican Party, José Antonio Kast, appeared in several videos giving his support to parliamentary standard-bearers of the Chile Podemos Más bloc. Through social networks circulate records, where the former parliamentarian supports the deputy RN, Paulina Núñez. “In the Region of Antofagasta, Paulina Nuñez (RN) is running for the Senate. She is currently a deputy and I am sure that, if she is elected senator, she will play with everything for the region and that she will also collaborate with the government of the sector (…) we have to defeat the left and we need the best in the Senate, “says Kast. Ena Von Baer. “On November 21, I ask you to support Ena von Baer as a senator in the Los Ríos Region. To beat the left we need Ena’s intelligence and commitment. His unwavering defense of his convictions makes him fundamental from the Senate supporting our future government,” he concludes. The hangings of the official candidate Sebastián Sichel have been the subject of controversy since the beginning of the campaigns.

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