Secretary of Social Development visits municipalities in southern Sinaloa

Javier Gaxiola Coppel, Secretary of Economic Development, met with microentrepreneurs from the southern municipalities, with whom he pledged to work with programs that strengthen the economy of the region, as well as working on promoting tourism, agriculture, aquaculture and fishing. The Secretary of Social Development had his first approach with the mayor of Escuinapa, Blanca Estela García Sánchez, with whom he held a private meeting, as well as with a group of microentrepreneurs in the region.” We are making a tour throughout the state, the idea of our governor Rubén Rocha is to serve all the communities of Sinaloa, the idea is to know personally together with the team of the Ministry of Economy, understand particular needs of the different regions to be able to devise programs that we can be implemented we must attend to all and all Sinaloans , ” the state official said. He said the vision he shares with the governor is to implement inclusive economic development with social sense. He mentioned that in Escuinapa there is a great agricultural potential in dehydrated products, which are contemplated to work to support their potentiation in export, in the national market. Gaxiola Coppel indicated that there is great potential in the aquaculture and fishing area, which has to be analyzed, to see how it can strengthen these sectors that are part of and that are an important pillar for the economy of this southern municipality of Sinaloa.In terms of tourism, the area that will seek to potentiate for national and international tourism is the port of Teacapán.He added; “We were with some titles of tax regulation of two companies, which is the first step of a small entrepreneur to be able to access the credits of Red Fosin and other credits depending on how we grow, that is part of the idea that we bring to accompany the small entrepreneurs since their creation and go hand in hand in the development with training support and credits to allow them to grow. ” He stressed that the objective of the visit to the municipalities of the south is to listen to the small entrepreneurs of Escuinapa and El Rosario, to know their needs and to get to work and support them in solutions and provide them with opportunities that they can take advantage of. Read more: They seek to form in San Ignacio Sinaloa, the Dimas-Ajoya health corridorThe state official continued his journey in the municipality of El Rosario, where he visited the community of Chametla to meet in the company of the municipal president, Claudia Liliana Valdez Aguilar with small merchants who were affected by the floods generated by the passage of Hurricane Pamela. VIDEO: Hot air balloon now falls on roof of house in León

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