Analía Franchín told what signals she receives from Freddy Mercury: “I think we are soulmates”

30 years after the death of Freddy Mercury, Juan Etchegoyen spoke with Analía Franchín who on numerous occasions expressed his love and devotion to the musician. In that context, the journalist wanted to delve into this issue and asked him how he came to talk about his love for Fredy in therapy.” I had a lot of therapy sessions for Freddy and I feel that it will sound like delirium but we are soulmates, there is no day that I do not think about him and it was tremendous when I went to his houses,” began saying the panelist of Flor de Equipo.And expanded the topic by saying: “I am like a private detective who wants to know where the ashes are. I think they are divided into two parts: in the Japanese Garden that he made in his house in London. And the other party must be on a lake in Munich. I loved that place very much and I composed there.” Then he remarked: “Only once I could dream about him and he was sick and I guys took care of him with a lot of love,” he added. And she said that she thinks she receives signals that unite her to the musician: “Something very crazy happens to me, which is where I enter, where a song by him sounds. And obviously my dog named Freddie. They have no idea the level of obsession. I look at it and I look at it. It’s so special, so charismatic, I love it,” he reaffirmed. To close the issue, he said: “Apart from that internal struggle against his parents so that they did not find out that he was gay. I read all the books and I like overcoming. I watched a lot of Queen documentaries.”

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