Engineer Budge: an officer of the Buenos Aires Police was shot this morning

The incident occurred around 6:10 a.m. at the door of a house located at 1500 Ayolas Street, in that town in the Lomas de Zamora district, in the south of Greater Buenos Aires, where the victim, identified as Melisa Duarte, resided with her parents. Judicial spokesmen informed Télam that the young woman left the house with her father, who was going to take her in his car to the headquarters of the Departmental Support Group (GAD) of Lomas de Zamora, where she serves. In those circumstances, the police realized that he forgot his chinstrap, so he returned to the house, and when he came out again he saw two armed “jet skis” assaulting his father. Faced with this situation, the young woman identified herself as a police officer and gave the “loud voice” to the criminals, who began to shoot her. The officer repelled the attack and a brief shootout ensued that ended when she was shot in the chest, judicial sources said. Meanwhile, the assailants fled on the motorcycle in which they were traveling and took the cell phone of the victim’s father. The police were immediately transferred to the Churruca Vista hospital in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios, with a bullet impact with an entrance hole in a breast and exit in an armpit. The young woman remained hospitalized this afternoon, out of danger, added the sources consulted. Prosecutor Gerardo Loureyro, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 3 of the Lomas de Zamora Judicial Department, intervenes in the investigation, who legally described the case as “aggravated robbery by the use of a firearm in real competition with attempted homicide.”

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