Gabriel Boric signed commitment with ftc to maintain ownership of Codelco

On Friday, the presidential candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, Gabriel Boric, signed a document with the Federation of Copper Workers (FTC), in which he commits to maintain and defend the ownership of Codelco 100% in the hands of the State of Chile. Likewise, the deputy of the Frente Amplio pledged to “fully respect the rights of the country’s workers and move towards a more just and inclusive Chile.” The document details that Boric is committed to “exploring alternatives so that Codelco has a permanent financing policy and the necessary mechanism to strengthen its financial soundness.” It also seeks to consolidate the company as “the main copper producer in the world and strengthen its modernization to promote an industrialization process in Chile.” The flag bearer also promises to “fully respect the rights of the country’s workers, validating the active participation of the trade union movement, safeguarding decent jobs that put an end to job insecurity and outsourcing.” For its part, the FTC is committed “resolutely to support his candidacy and Government Program, with the clear objective of moving towards a fairer chile in inclusive, which guarantees the social rights that will be enshrined in the new Constitution.”

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