Entre Ríos anti-corruption prosecutor suspended

The anti-corruption prosecutor was conducting an investigation into the oral and public trial of former Entre Ríos governor and current Israeli ambassador Sergio Urribarri. It also conducts an investigation into the collection of 53 million dollars made by the legislature through ghost employees and where Urribarri’s nephew, Juan Pablo Aguilera, is implicated. Goyeneche said that the complainants who caused her suspension are from the studio that defends those she investigates and blamed Governor Gustavo Bordet and “Urribarrismo” for this situation. From the governorship, Bordet responded that everyone is equal before the law and defended himself by saying that they never meddled and were respectful of the verdicts of justice. The suspended prosecutor received the support of the Association of Prosecutors, chaired by Carlos Rívolo, and expressed concern about the situation facing the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Province of Entre Ríos. The national prosecutors also referred to the case being investigated by Attorney General Goyeneche and mentioned that it could be an intention to “hinder the development of the trial.” In addition, the prosecutors stressed in their statement the importance of their work and how the State must ensure that they can carry out their work without intimidation, obstacles or harassment. “The support of the independence and autonomy of prosecutors is an obligation of the Republic,” said the Association of Prosecutors.

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