Virginia Gallardo received a call from Mirtha Legrand: “It fills me with pride”

Virginia Gallardo, currently integrates the panel of Intruders, and is also dedicated to hosting the specials of America TV. So recently, they dedicated a tribute to Mirtha Legrand, who called her moved to thank her.” Alas, my dear, you have made me deeply moved. I really like your work, you are nice and intelligent. I predict a great career in the media because you have all the conditions to continue shining. I was surprised, Virginia, you are a 10,” were the words of the driver, who revealed the magazine Pronto.

Virginia Gallardo in the tribute to Mirtha Legrand, with her background photos | Photo: Instagram @virchugallardo

Satisfied and grateful for the tribute, Mirtha added a nice request in the same conversation: “I would like you to do a second part of the tribute, will it be possible?” Her words moved the panelist, who has had lunch with the host on previous occasions, and in this she expressed: “I am so happy, I never imagined that Mirtha was going to call me and say such beautiful things. It’s a gift to my work and that fills me with pride.” Mirtha Legrand’s return to television
Before the end of the year, the host returns to her historic program. On Saturday, December 18, the Chiqui will be conducting La Noche de Mirtha Legrand, starting at 9:30 p.m. on the screen of El Trece.This was confirmed by the production company StoryLab, founded by his grandson Nacho Viale, through a statement with this media. This return comes after Mirtha has been at the forefront of her cycle last August.

Mirtha Legrand in her last return to television

In addition, it should be remembered that on December 19, 2020, the host also returned to her program in a special broadcast where she was accompanied by her granddaughter, the actress Juana Viale -and currently in charge of the cycles-, her daughter, the host Marcela Tinayre and the presence of her great-granddaughter, Ámbar, one of the surprises of the night.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which came after the death of her brothers, actress Goldy and filmmaker José Martínez Suárez, Mirtha took refuge in her home. She then publicly communicated herself each time she received the doses of the vaccine.

The return of Mirtha received by Juana Viale in December 2020

The driver was recently hospitalized because of a coronary obstruction for which they decided to place two stents in her heart. Fortunately his health evolved favorably and next week he will return to the program that bears his name.
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