INE approves postponing the revocation of mandate due to lack of budget

The General Council of the INE endorsed with six votes in favor and five against postponing the exercise of revocation of mandate, scheduled for next April 10, due to the lack of budget.
The counselor president Lorenzo Córdova, who prepared the project, argued that a deficit of 2,327 million pesos prevents progress in the activities of the revocation process in optimal conditions.
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“Despite the efforts in budgetary adequacy, this electoral authority will barely have the capacity to fund 1 in 3 pesos of what the revocation of the mandate would cost, which would lead this Institute to violate the provisions of the Constitution,” he said.
The counselor Uuc-kib Espadas Ancona questioned the arguments that asked to readjust the budget of the INE to make the revocation, although he said that he will not accompany the project.
“It is falsely said that the INE has enough money to organize the revocation of the mandate in accordance with legal requirements. We are facing nothing more than the financial strangulation of the authority that over 24 years has guaranteed free elections to the nation,” he said.

The councilors Ciro Murayama, José Roberto Ruiz, Dania Ravel, Claudia Zavala also positioned themselves in favor of postponing the work, while it is known if the signatures were obtained to continue with the organization of the consultation.
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Given the budgetary deficiency, the GC of the #INE approved postponing the start of the work of organizing a possible exercise of #RevocaciónDeMandato.
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— Strategia Electoral (@Eleccionesymas) December 18, 2021

‘No vote possible’
Murayama pointed out that there are no funds to visit the citizens and invite them to take charge of the vote in the revocation of mandate, and without money for training and polling places it is not possible to do so.
“They will tell us ‘cheapen the exercise and nothing happens’, but it does happen. Here we comply with the Constitution, not whims of the government in turn. What we are looking for is a legal solution. That the Supreme Court or Electoral Tribunal indicate how we get out of this unprecedented situation,” he said.
Meanwhile, Norma de la Cruz, Carla Humphrey and Martín Faz Mora voted against arguing that the INE has other exits and adjustments to carry out the consultation of revocation of mandate.
“I believe that some previous activities could be carried out that would not involve a large outlay in the case of recruitment, selection and training of electoral supervisors, as well as electoral trainers,” said de la Cruz.

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