Rocha Moya asked for support for Buen Samaritano shelter in Culiacán

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- The Good Samaritan shelter requested the support of the State government, led by Rubén Rocha Moya to be able to obtain an hearing and can help them provide the medical attention required by the people who live there. The best gift that René Alvarado could receive from Christmas and New Year is a treatment of physical therapies to be able to walk. For four or five years, because he does not know how to specify, he has been bedridden in the Buen Samaritano hostel in Culiacán. He depends on the good heart of his peers to feed, bathe and go to the bathroom. Read more: René wants to walk again in Culiacán, receiving therapy would be his best New Year’s giftRené is originally from a town in Chiapas, he was part of the thousands of migrants who every year leave their communities to come to work in the fields of Sinaloa. He was married and had children, but he had the misfortune that he suffered a heat stroke that left him paraplegic. René was admitted to the General Hospital and his wife, knowing his condition, could not take responsibility for him and abandoned him. Workers of this hospital located his parents by telephone but they said they could not take him because they did not have economic conditionsIt was poverty that led his family to abandon him and the only place where they received him was in the Good Samaritan. “Walking,” he replied when asked what was the best gift he could receive.  René already wants to walk again. Photo: Debate In this shelter there are 50 people, four of them suffering from mental illness, and are not being treated in the medical way that is required. There are those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes and disabilities. For this reason, the pastor and founder of this place, Luis Alfonso, requests an audience with Governor Rubén Rocha Moya to expose the needs and see how they could support these people who require constant medical attention. They urgently need the roof to be laid and everything electrically installed in a bedroom, in which they would install the sickest people. The State Government is being asked to build 13 dormitories of material. More bathrooms are also required. Jorge Castillo, administrator of the place, called on the Secretary of Health, Héctor Melesio Cuén Ojeda, to attend to the sick medically and with medicine, because it is concerned with whoever supports them in the care of so many people. Read more: They perceive lack of commitment from authorities and division among LGBTQ+ activists in SinaloaAyer in the place were young people from the association Regalando Sonrisas, who brought gifts, food and cake to the people of this home, with whom they were living and gave them moments of happiness and hope in this holiday season. Long lines at Costco de Culiacán days before Christmas

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