Unhappy Christmas for Chilean football

The Christmas of Chilean football is sad. Mainly because of all the embarrassment of the Melipilla case and the postponed and groped Promotion Liguilla. With no definite date yet, with the allegations frozen for now, until waiting for the resolution of the First Chamber of the Court of Penalties, many players are in embers, waiting to know what will happen to their immediate futures, all from the point of view of the domestic, leases, schools, etc.
All this situation has only stained the end of the tournament, a contest that was questioned in recent dates and that, with this great detail, has only confirmed that the deep crisis of Chilean football is not even close to ending.
The players already feel desperate in the face of this uncertainty and they are absolutely right, since most of the contracts end on the 31st of this month and for now the only closest date to play the permanence, seems to be the first half of January.
A more than regrettable panorama and having to do this deep research, not only for today the questioned is Deportes Melipilla. If the football authorities want to investigate and dive into the dark depths of football, they will surely find many situations more than suspicious.
On the other hand, in the U follow the echoes of the departure of the scorer Joaquín Larrivey. Hard phrases from one side and the other, where the Argentine attacker pointed everything at the new directive of Azul Azul and the sports manager, pointing out that they processed it and promised things that did not end up materializing. The attacker has already given his version and for now the lay regents maintain that silence so typical of recent times.
And in the four-time champion of Chilean football, the fans cry out to the four winds so that Diego Buonanotte does not leave. The crusader leadership has remained firm in its proposal that for now does not satisfy the naturalized Chilean and everything suggests that the steering wheel will leave San Carlos. Cross-fans are on fire on social media over this issue.
On the side of the albos, at some point the option of the return of the historical scorer of Chilean football, Esteban Paredes, slipped so that he could finish his career in the pastures of the Monumental. However, for now that option is not viable and we will see what the gunner will do to close his successful career.
Thus, in the midst of many more conflicts than solutions, Chilean football lives its Christmas, without great gifts. Rather an extremely austere and unoptimistic present. With that giant stain that has meant the indefinition of the promotion match, which has teams such as Deportes Copiapó, Curicó Unido, Deportes Melipilla and Huachipato in embers. With players and their families in suspense. It was not the way or way to end the football year, because nobody deserves to be in that state of alert, because those phrases of union and growth remain in the slogans. A very unhappy Christmas.

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