BancoEstado announced completion of the account-scoring card renewal process

BancoEstado announced the completion of the successful renewal process of the CuentaRUT cards from magnetic stripe to chip, along with the implementation of a special plan for a limited group of stragglers close to 700,000 customers from a universe of 13.6 million plastics, which will be carried out during the first quarter of 2022. given the mobility restrictions generated by the pandemic that prevented many people from carrying out this procedure in the required times, BancoEstado asked the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) to extend this period and thus allow all its customers to have the highest security standards in their products, specifically with chip cards that reduce the possibility of cloning. The vice president of BancoEstado, Pablo Correa, indicated that “we want to give peace of mind to all our clients that their RUT Account continues to work without any problem and that it will not suffer any blockade, that their funds are still safe.” During this period, the bank will focus on delivering all the facilities to the elderly, people living in extreme regions of the country or cases of high complexity who have not renewed their plastic. For these cases, as well as the payment of social benefits and / or pensions, customers can have the peace of mind that they can continue to use their cards to use these resources, but the call is to make the change as soon as possible. In this case, it is important to specify that this card renewal process does not imply under any circumstances a closure of the RUT Account itself and that it will continue to operate without any problem to make transfers, online payments or receive deposits, and that the funds found in said accounts will remain unchanged. The financial institution recalled that the chip card is more secure, since it decreases the possibility of cloning, allows you to pay contactless and make international purchases. To obtain their new plastic, customers will have multiple alternatives. You can go to the BancoEstado Express Card Centers, BancoEstado Express offices and BancoEstado branches.In addition, there is the option to make the request to the phone 600 200 7000, option 0, or to WhatsApp +56 9 5894 2219, option 1.

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