A doctor predicted in 2012 the catastrophe of Brazil: “That stone is going to fall”

Flavio Freita, a 52-year-old Brazilian doctor, anticipated in 2012 the catastrophe that occurred yesterday in Lake Furnas, in the city of Capitolio, when in that year he published a photo in which he left a prediction for the tragedy that occurred this January 8 in that same place, when a stone collapsed and crushed a boat. In this framework, it was confirmed that this Saturday at least seven people died and another 31 were injured. In addition, four others are still missing after a cliff collapsed over the lake, where four boats with dozens of tourists remained in the place. 

If he visits the tourist place in March 2012, the doctor posted a photo on his Facebook account with a premonitory message: “That foot is going to fall.” Now, nine years later and once known the catastrophe explained: It caught my attention for its size, extension. I took a picture and commented ‘that stone is going to fall’. I recognized that it was the same place where I had taken the picture.” He also argued that it was not necessary to be a geologist to notice what could happen: “Certainly, it was a geological fault that had the risk of an imminent collapse. It took almost 10 years for it to happen.” Finally, his image went viral on social networks and was shared by more than 90 thousand people on Facebook.

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