President of the Convention for controversy with the vice-presidencies: “We need them to agree”

The president of the Constitutional Convention, María Elisa Quinteros, referred to the indecision among the leaders of Vamos por Chile to unblock the deputy vice presidencies. In the first instance, the conventional leader said that “with Vice President Domínguez we believe and perceive from the conversations when we go to the street that people do not know anything about what we are doing. For us, communication is the basis. It can’t be that people don’t know what we’re doing.” As for the contigency of the constitutional body and the discussion of the proroga of working time and said that “it is not an issue that we have on the table today. It’s not one of my priorities.” It is key that all the commissions are working because they all have a super limited time. We do not want to be as a Convention for two years because it is not our mandate, our mandate is one year and we have little time left,” he added. In the context of the controversy with the vice presidencies among the leaders of Vamos por Chile, Quinteros said that “we are missing two members, we need them. Yesterday I was in the Future Congress and there were Hernán Larraín Matte and Rodrigo Álvarez and I told them now, we need you to agree, to define, because at the table there are many functions and in the afternoon we will see distribution of tasks so it would be paramount. ” Legally, the table is legitimate, it is working, so we also have no technical arguments to postpone (the work). So as we are in a process in which we all run, we have to run with those who are, but we need them and I hope it will be resolved soon,” he concluded.

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