Chile’s message Let’s go to Gabriel Boric: “We are concerned about the tremendous expectations that have been sown”

The parties of Chile Vamos sent a letter to Gabriel Boric, waiting for his arrival in La Moneda on March 11, and expressed not only their position as a future opposition, but also their “concerns” about the “expectations that the new government has sown” and also the Constitutional Convention.
“We would like to express to you on behalf of that huge group of voters – who make up almost half of the country – that we will exercise a fair, responsible and firm opposition to your government. We trust in his democratic convictions, in the sense that he will always govern thinking of all Chileans: those who supported him and those who did not,” says the letter consigned by La Tercera and signed by the presidents of the parties Javier Macaya (UDI), Francisco Chahuán (RN), Andrés Molina (Evópoli) and Rodrigo Caramori (PRI).
“We will strive to collaborate in everything that benefits our country and, by the way, we will raise our reservations in matters that we consider do not go in the right direction. You will find in us an instance open to a frank, constructive and direct dialogue. We are sure that he will know how to value that disposition and will be available to generate the spaces for that, “add the helmsmen of the current ruling party, who, according to the morning, also hope to continue acting as a bloc and not fragment when they are opposition.
In the letter they also address the Constitutional Convention, and although it is an independent power of the new administration led by Boric, they endorse responsibility to the President elected by a Constitution that is “alien to all revanchism.”
“We are concerned about the tremendous expectations that have been sown in our compatriots both regarding the constitutional process and the incoming government (…) beyond our differences, citizens expect an effective and forceful response to the social dramas that affect families,” they said.
“Citizens expect a Constitution for all Chileans, oblivious to all revanchism, that interprets the desires and ideas of the different sectors of the country. If so much was argued that the Constitution had to be outside the political dispute and that it did not have to answer to any particular ideologue, then the reasonable and coherent thing is that the result of this constitutional process does not suffer from the same vices. You have a huge responsibility in that regard,” they add.
Finally, the letter emphasizes that “we will make our technical and political teams available to the country, to ensure that the current and committed social benefits in the labor, social, educational, health, housing and social security fields are maintained and proliferate. We trust that their political and sectoral ministers will generate the appropriate work channels to be able to participate in these agendas, fulfilling our role as an opposition.”
And they conclude: “We would like to request that you jointly receive the directives of our four parties, in order to start a dialogue with our Chile Vamos coalition.”

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