City councils will have digital mailbox for public accounts in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- The audited entities of Sinaloa will have a digital mailbox to present the solvencies of the public accounts of each fiscal year, and that the officials of the dependencies, autonomous entities and City Councils comply with the legal deadlines and present the evidentiary documents in this way to solve the observations made by the Superior Audit of the State (ASE) and not “go looking for culprits and punishments”, In the face of the problems presented by municipal governments, informed the president of the Oversight Commission of the State Congress, Sergio Mario Arredondo Salas.He said that establishing the digital mailbox will allow to a large extent to shorten the scenarios, times, and personal contact will be unnecessary in order to respond to accountability. ” In this agenda, greater and full communication with all those involved is necessary, because accountability is not only an issue of the ASE, there are also the Internal Control Bodies (OIC), the Secretariat of Transparency and Accountability, “explained the deputy of the parliamentary group of the PRI. Read more: In the Las Riberas park in Culiacán they continue with programs for the care of green iguanasTo start this process, he said that it began with a training stage with municipal public entities so that they know the procedures and those requirements that they have to meet to fulfill their responsibilities, which in this meeting that was held in the Constituent Hall, the legislators realized the interest of these public servants of the City Councils to comply with the norm and it was seen that they require advice and training. The initiative was presented at the end of December, is supported by the members of the Audit Commission, which was turned over to commissions for study and opinion, which is a practice that is in force in the federal Government, will be harmonized with the legislation and will make the work of audit and accountability more efficient, because it will be carried out through digital processes that are counted in the Power Legislativo.De accordance with the proposed, it was proposed that the review of the public account will obviate many personal meetings with public officials, and by presenting documents through this digital mailbox, the audited entities can advance in presenting what is required by the ASE.La technology provides the security elements to place a digital mailbox that can be located on the web pages of the State Congress and the Superior Audit of the State, confided Arredondo Salas.Read more: Master of Sinaloa overcomes the omicron and they discover a third tumor in the vocal cordsThis topic will be analyzed, it is at rest and surely in the next ordinary period it will be attended, the legislator concluded. Cabañuelas, an old method of farmers to predict the weather

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