How to take care of the skin in summer?

Every year, summer takes its toll on the skin and with excessive heat and humidity all day, it begins to cry out for more protection. With sun exposure, perspiration and the inconveniences of each type of skin, taking care of this aspect of health takes on special relevance and therefore, in this note, some tips from Belén Garrido (@belugarrido), cosmetologist and cosmiatra.
Look for a sunscreen that is comfortable for us. Today they come with many active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that can make us skip the moisturizer and save a step in the routine if with the heat it gives us fiaca to use many steps. In this way we minimize to the maximum without losing benefits. 
Pay attention to retouch the protector every 2 hours. The amount needed for the face is two fingers. If we get into the water we have to touch it up the instant we leave even if it is waterproof, otherwise they lose their effectiveness. 
The repellent always goes after the sunscreen, it is not necessary to wait a lot, with about 10 minutes between one and the other is fine. If you have to touch it up along with the protector retouching, always in the second step. Do not forget to touch up the repellent and always leave it up so that it fulfills its effect and no product covers it.

Incorporate antioxidants into our routine. They act as a shield under sunscreen and help us Vitamin C and niacinamide are the most common. There is a myth that these assets stain if we use them during the day but it is not true. They are effective between 8% and 10% and help provide luminosity to the skin.
Prioritize using light textures such as emulsions and gel creams to prevent the skin from “perspiring.” For combination to oily skin I would lean towards a gel cream, for a combination to dry skin an emulsion, although it depends on the effect we want to give to the skin.
Avoid renovators such as acids and retinol if we are going to be exposed, even if we have a protector. For example, if we go on vacation to the beach, about 3 or 4 days before suspending them until the return. If you’ve never used these types of products, wait until March to incorporate them into your routine. 
The use of rollers, gua sha and cryosticks are ideal especially if they are in the refrigerator, they will refresh us a lot. You can use them while putting on your serum or with a cloth mask. Also at the end of the routine to give you a moment of relaxation.
Do not abuse thermal water or moisturizing mists, no more than two or three times a day so as not to dehydrate the skin. You can use a soothing tonic if your skin is very sensitive and reddens with high temperatures. 
Unless the brand tells you to, don’t put your products in the refrigerator. Leave them in a cool, dark place but not in the refrigerator because it can alter their formula.

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