50% low demand for covid tests in Ahome Jurisdiction

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- A 50 percent has lowered the request for covid-19 tests in the module of the Sanitary Jurisdiction 01 based in the city of Los Mochis.This situation could be originating because people who bring the symptoms of the virus are going to the Respiratory Care Module of social security (MARSS) to obtain the results at the moment and obtain a work disability, since they are rapid tests, and in the module of the Sanitary Jurisdiction they are PCR tests and take a few days to grant the result. “We are doing 15 to 20 tests a day, the demand has gone down, but the incidence of the disease continues to rise. The demand has dropped because people prefer a rapid test, an antigenic test to quickly get the result,” said Victor Manuel Lim Zavala.The head of Sanitary Jurisdiction 01 commented that previously there were about 40 tests a day. Read more: Covid vaccination concludes in El Fuerte and Choix, Sinaloa “The result of the tests we do normally takes between 3 to 5 days because they are sent to Culiacán, normally a PCR test takes 48 to 78 hours.” The state official said that with the PCR test you can know the virus that is circulating and with the rapid test you can not, since it is practiced in the acute phase of the infection and only gives a negative or positive result. He added that in the module of the Sanitary Jurisdiction people are scheduled at 10:00 and 14:00 hours for the realization of the test. Positivity
However, he reported that the percentage of positivity of the tests they are performing in the module has increased up to 60 percent. “Previously we were at 30 percent positivity.” Read more: Children and pregnant women, the least affected by the wave of covid: IMSSLOS DATAWhat is a PCR test?
The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is very accurate in diagnosing certain infectious diseases and genetic changes. These tests detect the DNA or RNA of the organism that causes the disease or abnormal cells in a sample.   They remove mud and more mud from the pre-sedimentation channel of the Río Fuerte Commission plant in Los Mochis

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