Bahía Blanca: two brothers were arrested after attacking three police officers

After the emergency call, 911 alerted members of the Patrol Command who were present at the house located at 3700 Independencia Street, in that city in the south of Buenos Aires. When they arrived, they met two brothers, aged 24 and 26, identified as Fabricio Lleufo (24) and his brother Matías, who were arrested after attacking and wounding three police officers with a stick with nails who tried to reduce them. A police chief informed Telam that “when the troops tried to separate the brothers so that they do not get hurt and dialogue with them, one of them began to attack members of the force with blows.” While the police were about to reduce the brothers, one took a wood with nails and began to attack them,” he added. As indicated due to this, Sergeant Jonatan Neira suffered cuts on the forehead, face and a fracture in the septum, Sergeant Soledad Cejas ended up with blows to the arms, while Lieutenant Jorge Purran suffered cuts on his jaw. ” The three were transferred to a hospital where they were assisted while the Lleufo brothers were reduced by other agents and remain in a section in the case labeled as an attack, resistance to authority and injuries, “concluded the source consulted.

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