Alfredo Adame denounces couple for beating an old man

Mexico.  The Jalisco actor Alfredo Adame has already officially denounced the couple with whom days ago he had an argument on the public road of CDMX, and makes it known that he has several crimes and for them he will be tried. In several news portals it is reported that Alfredo Adame went to the latter went to the Attorney General’s Office of the CDMX (FGJ-CDMX) to denounce for several crimes the couple with whom he had a street fight. Adame has pointed out that this couple is part of the so-called “montacoches” and ensures that he has all the elements to incriminate the woman and man who assaulted him. Adame is satisfied because he proceeded legally against the two individuals who days ago tried to steal it and says he has evidence of their crime, so they are already investigated. “See Reporters Without Censorship, see their publication and also my lawyer did the investigations, they are drug addicts, the guy sells drugs, they are thieves, they are bad guys,” Adame says of the couple in question. In addition, the famous emphasizes that the man and woman who assaulted him in the street had a criminal record and everything indicates that they are part of the Los Rodolfos gang in CDMX.Adame states that the crimes that can be configured are five. The first is attempted homicide, because the truck was thrown at him; the second offence is injury, insult and threats.” The third offence is robbery with violence; the fourth, to hit an old man, I am 63 years old and I am an older adult; and the fifth that they are using a minor to do these crimes,” he explained. Read more: Napoleon remembers what “forced” him years ago to open a grocery storeBut the worst of all is the worst crime they committed and this is that the subjects involved a girl for their alleged illicit acts, Alfredo Adame also maintains. To the rhythm of the band they welcome the beauty queen Débora Hallal in Los Mochis, Sinaloa
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