Sinaloa fish farmers are confident of overcoming the 2021 season

Sinaloa.- A month after starting the planting of farmed shrimp, the aquaculture sector of Sinaloa seeks to exceed the production obtained during 2021, after obtaining more than 90 thousand tons, an amount that exceeded other states in the country, reported Carlos Urías Espinosa, president of the Board of Directors of the Confederation of Aquaculture Associations of the State of Sinaloa. aquaculture producers are ready to start “planting” shrimp in March, harvests of which will begin in November. He said the farms are under maintenance to receive the crustacean larva that will develop in nine months. “Farms require maintenance after a cycle of operations, which includes clearing gates, rebuilding boards, among other activities.”  Possible achievements Last year, he assured that the aquaculture sector ended the season with a record production, in addition to surpassing the other states of the country. By 2022 they could register a small growth of 3 percent of moderate production. Last year they had registered until yesterday an average of 87 thousand tons, an amount that would rise to 90 thousand due to the lack of registration of producers who remained behind in the harvest season. Public consumers In the state there are an average of 850 aquaculture farms, which could increase to 900 by the end of 2022. Urías Espinosa recognized that the increase in spaces to produce farmed shrimp has to do with the high demand registered nationally, and even internationally.” The altiplano continues to be the national market that has the most demand for shrimp, as well as the United States.” The increase in aquaculture crustacean consumption could have to do with poor catches on the high seas. Read more: Coronavirus Sinaloa: latest news today February 1 on Covid-19The Data The sizesThe farm shrimp begins to have commercial value from 8 grams, despite the fact that there is product that comes to be acquired by the consumer public by presenting a weight of up to 38 grams, amount that is obtained in the aquaculture farm.   Police are attacked with stones by teachers in Michoacán

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