At least 12 people killed by cocaine intoxication

The number of people killed by using adulterated cocaine amounted to 12 while another 50 were hospitalized in serious condition in the northwest area of the Conurbano. This Wednesday afternoon, Minister Berni who participated in the raids carried out for the cause in Loma Hermosa, and in which the arrest of ten people was achieved, said that those who bought drugs in these last 24 hours “have to discard it.” So far it is unknown with what the cocaine that caused the death of these people was adulterated since the results of the toxicological expertise and the “determined autopsies” are lacking. The prosecutor in the case, Marcelo Lapargo, confirmed that the cocaine was adulterated “intentionally” and the main hypothesis is that of a confrontation between two drug gangs. “We have a testimony of a person who was in a group consuming who said he consumed a small amount, felt bad and did not consume more. That with him there were other people who continued to consume and three of them died,” Lapargo said in dialogue with the TN channel. At the door of the Hopistal San Bernardino in Hurlingham there were violent incidents between relatives of victims of the poisoning who attacked the police upon learning of the death. 

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