The first liberal bill in the Legislature is to “ban pickets”

The arrival of the liberals to political representation from the election made by Javier Milei in the legislative elections of 2021 moved the debate to the right and this is expressed in the first project presented by the bloc in the Porteña Legislature. Ramiro Marra, the first candidate for legislator on the Avanza Libertad list, along with his fellow bloc members, presented a project to “ban” pickets in the City of Buenos Aires.

You are right Gabriel, that is my first project as a deputy of the city. In the campaign I said I was going to end the pickets and that’s what I’m going to do. They ran out of party guys, don’t us anymore. — Ramiro Marra (@RAMIROMARRA)
February 4, 2022

“It can’t be that every day I go to work I have to face a street cut. And it is a situation that we suffer daily the porteños. Politics doesn’t take care of pickets, so in response, the concept of picketing doesn’t have to exist anymore,” they argued. Marra’s project does not eliminate the right to demonstrate, enshrined in the National Constitution, but urges the Buenos Aires government to designate a particular space to do so without “harming” third parties.

“According to article 14 of the National Constitution, free movement is a right, not a privilege. We all have to be able to go to work and circulate calmly in the City,” he said, along with a statistic that ensures that since 2010 more than 8,000 pickets were carried out. Marra made headlines a few weeks ago as she revealed her intention to invest the salary she will receive as a legislator and will do so publicly, so that everyone can see what she does with that money.

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