Covid-19 defeated, 31 patients are added in the Évora region

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- The incidence of new infections of Covid-19 continues to fall in the municipalities of the Évora region according to the figures released by the Ministry of Health, because today it was reported that there was only one new positive case in the municipality of Mocorito, with which it counts 5 active cases, while Salvador Alvarado registers 47 active patients without any new contagion this Tuesday, and Angostura 29.On the other hand, the new discharges of patients add up to a total of 31 in the Évora, and of these correspond 22 to Salvador Alvarado, with which he accumulates a total of 2 thousand 538; Angostura has 3 new patients recovered, bringing the total number of 976; while Mocorito, with 3 new discharges, adds 427 patients recovered during the pandemic. Read more: Due to the pandemic, job opportunities for young people are downSimid, today no new deaths were reported for the Évora region, so the figures remain at 281 for Salvador Alvarado, 165 for Angostura and 103 for Mocorito. It is worth mentioning that the state of Sinaloa is at an orange traffic light and so far the pandemic has reached a total of 108,950 infected people, of which 96,838 have recovered, 9,403 have died, and 2,709 are still sick. Female strength! Chica shows her strength in her work as a bricklayer despite the machismo.
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