SNTE 53 vs Rocha, frontal fight

However, the general secretary of SNTE 53, Fernando Sandoval, did not keep anything and continues the frontal fight against Governor Rubén Rocha Moya after the accusations he made at the Semanera conference, where he would ask the state Congress for an audit for the trust of the said union for being murky. The union leader stood in conference yesterday morning and released everything. Fernando Sandoval assured that section 53 has never been submissive or subordinate to the State Government and sent a message to Rubén Rocha, telling him that he will never see them on their knees. This to say the least because they were very harsh statements. On Monday, the first thing Rubén Rocha asked for was that the version that his government is handling the issue of the trust to meddle or have some interference in the election of the next leadership of SNTE 53 not be given entry. However, Fernando Sandoval was one of the main accusations he made by pointing out that he does not have his hand tucked in, but his arm and his whole body. In his defense, which was surely planned and refined throughout the afternoon and night of Monday, the leader of SNTE 53 affirmed with paper in hand that he does not directly manage the resources of the SIAP but that they are administered by the state, by a technical committee that is composed of six people from the union and the government. It cannot be denied that Fernando Sandoval showed that he has character and that he is willing to run into the governor and his cabinet head-on, it is no small thing to open a front of this type, the consequences can be capital and unprecedented, with demonstrations and actions never seen in the state. This would be the worst-case scenario and it doesn’t suit anyone. What Sandoval and Rocha seem to agree on is that a thorough investigation be carried out, that it reaches the last consequences and the audit is done so that the teaching sector knows the reality and those responsible are punished. Very attentive because the issue of the SNTE 53 trust is very thorny, there are many governments involved, it is very murky and sure there are figures of the political leadership entangled, so this confrontation between Fernando Sandoval and Rubén Rocha is only moving the waters and the true interests and the real ones involved will begin to come out. Outstanding. At the Orange conference, the state leader of Movimiento Ciudadano, Sergio Torres, got in the ring and declared that the trust that manages the USE building appeared as if by magic. Likewise, Sergio Torres went further and demanded that it be clarified to whom they owe the checks of the rent of the property, which they make transparent in the name of who is and who is collecting it. At the same time. Congress. The candidates who met the requirements for the five positions of citizen councilors of the Advisory Council of the Attorney General’s Office of the State will appear today and tomorrow. So they will have to present their work projects and justify why they must assume the position. Pending this process. Agenda. In the month of March will be held in Culiacán the popular global TED talks, locally is TEDxHumaya where the president of Sinaloa Inclusive, Tiago Ventura was selected as one of its speakers. Undoubtedly, it is a great distinction and recognition of his career and struggle. Political Memory. “What a man thinks of himself, this is what determines, or rather indicates, his destiny”: Henry David Thoreau.

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