Musical releases: 15 premieres to anticipate the weekend

1. “Nothing in My Life Is Pretty” by Rocco S

Rocco S kicks off the 2022 season with its new single “Nada en Mi Vida Es Bonito” with the production of Tony G. After presenting  “Chanel Vintage” with a great reception from his colleagues in the Spanish scene, Rocco S presents his new single, watching over a world that turns its back on the rhythm of a super melodic urban pop.
“Nothing in My Life Is Beautiful” exposes the most intimate side of Rocco S, who stands out for expressing his feelings in each stanza. The production was in charge of Tony G, who collaborated with great figures of the scene such as Juan Magan, Rosario Flores, Sweet California, Carlos Baute, Marta Sanchez, Antonio Carmona, Adexe & Nau, among others.
Rocco S : “We’ve all felt at some point that we didn’t deserve to receive any kind of love from anyone. When this happens to us, we also think that we are the only person in the world to whom it happens and that is scary. I hope this topic will help someone  realize that this is something more common than they thought and that they are not alone. When the same thing happens to someone as it does to you, it reassures you because you realize that you are not as alone as you  thought and that you are not a weirdo.”

 2. “Wasting Time” by La Burrita Cumbión

La Burrita Cumbión releases her new single and EP, “Perdiendo el tiempo”, a positive song within a complicated era. It speaks of how bad the confinement did to us, but also of the conformism and the depressions that we generate.
It raises the need to rebel against these situations and always seek happiness. A reggae of catchy melody, masterfully produced by Moska Lorenzo and mastered by Álvaro Villagra.
At the beginning of December La Burrita Cumbión was chosen to open the 35th anniversary show of Los Autenticos Decadentes in Obras con entadas agotadas.
The band had a great reception from the public, their proposal of ska + cumbia, together with an energetic display on stage, made the audience dance.
Soon the band will return for the fourth time to Mexico. The first time was in 2018 where they performed 12 shows in 6 different cities, opening for Los Autenticos Decadentes.

3. “Shut up” by Fito Paez

While Paez awaits the release of his new album “Futurología Arlt”, the second part of his Trilogy (which will be released on March 4), he presents a new single “Shut up”, from the album “Los años salvajes”.
Fito tells us about this song: “It’s a song I wrote a few years ago, when they shot the boys of the murga Los Autenticos Reyes del Ritmo, in the Rivadavia neighborhood. It was an urgent issue, which I did from one day to the next, and just the next day I played in an outdoor show; there I read a text that said:

‘Don’t baliés to the kids,
What kind of man are you?
Do not water them with bullets,
that they rain candies, chocolates and love’.

But maybe that has no conjuncture, that is part of the police system, of how poorly formed they are, of what is behind the institution, which is always ominous. Until that moves, the chicxs will continue to suffer and die. No one wants that for their children.”

4. “1942” by Jory Boy with Kevvo

With his melodic voice and distinctive style, the urban artist Jory Boy, who has collaborated with artists of the stature of Ozuna, Maluma, Ñengo Flow, among others; today he premieres his new single “1942” with Kevvo to flood digital platforms with a fierce rhythm and feeling that will ignite all kinds of parties.
Composed by Jory Boy and Kevvo, among others; the track was produced by DJ Luminary, who created a perfect fusion between reggaeton and hip-hop.
The song, which will be part of Jory’s next album “Bubblegum”, is characterized precisely by the mix of sounds so distinctive that it is overcome as the song progresses, not only with the melodious voice of Jory Boy but with the incomparable “chanteo” of Kevvo, which gives power to the theme.

5. “Discord” of Santa Salut

Explore song after song each of the sensations that define the human being, those that elevate him, those that tie him to the earthly of life, and those that possess him and reveal his most animal facet.
Santa Salut thus draws the three worlds of heaven, earth and hell that encompass its new album, “Discordia”, already available on all digital platforms and in physical format through its website. 
It also arrives in Argentina for the first time, where its fans can enjoy an energetic show, on February 18 at The Roxy Live and on February 19 at Rock in Baradero. Tickets are now available and can be purchased through the Livepass system.

 6. “All Evil” by Good Vampires

 After “Desmotivada”, Buenos Vampiros presents their second preview “Todo el mal”, from their next album “Destruya!”, with the executive production of Casa del Puente Discos, and artistically produced and mixed by Estanislao López.
A simple melody begins “All Evil”, a letter of reflection and relief, which fills us with melancholy and reveals a more noise and sensitive side of Good Vampires.
After the successful “Paranormal” their first LP, released on “Vinilo 12” and CD by Casa del Puente Discos, the Vampis begin to show their new material, a more mature album, with a more forceful sound but without losing the essence and personality that characterizes them.

7. “La siesta” by Lobosuave

Lobosuave presents  “La Siesta”, the first solo single by Manuel Piras (voice of Nene Almíbar) that conveys his perspective of relationships crossing the path of melancholy. With lo-fi airs and melodies that resonate , he manages to introduce us to his universe, poetizing contempt for pride and honoring vulnerability. 

8. Natasha Doe’s “Friend”

Natasha Doe is a singer-songwriter, musician and composer from the West of Buenos Aires. She began her career in the under at the age of 12, by the Piojo Ávalos (first drummer of the Redondos), who invited her to sing in his fixed band, after hearing her play a song by Janis Joplin in the instrument room she had with Ricardo Mollo.
Her voice and pin-up imprint recalls artists such as Amy Winehouse, Mon Laferte, Billie Holliday, among others; whom he defines as his inspiring muses. It is characterized by the confluence of different styles such as blues, jazz, reggae, song, rock, etc.
He has shared the stage with renowned national and international musicians, such as Robin Banerjee (Amy’s guitarist). After forming several rock and blues bands such as Páris, Rateros or Anhedonia, he decided in 2020 to launch himself as a soloist.
Their first single, “Amiga”, co-produced with Mario Siperman (Fabulous Cadillacs), is configured as a fresh and youthful song but with vintage overtones. And it is now available on all digital platforms, through the distribution of Goza Records (Barbi Recanati’s label).

9. “Forever Love” by Richard Clayderman

Richard Clayderman, hailed as one of the best-known pianists of all time by the Guinness World Record, will release an impressive album of twelve new recordings: “Forever Love”, on February 25 through BMG.
Before the release, the French pianist today shares his beautiful interpretation of Ed Sheeran’s classic “Perfect Symphony”, re-imagined in his own romantic style.
“Forever Love” will also include beautiful renditions of modern classics by Elton John, Lionel Richie and Coldplay, along with favorites “The Waltz of the Flowers” and “The Radetzky March.”

10. “Wacho Pistola” by LWLO

Undoubtedly, LWLO is imposing itself in the world of vernacular music, fusing pop, rock and urban genres that today sound everywhere.
With lyrics that identify her and with a message of overcoming and hope, this young singer-songwriter and now producer, exposes social realities that seem to disappear before the eyes of the people.
Inequality, racism, bullying, excesses, prejudices, are the ingredients that LWLO mixes in its songs, to show that, despite everything, there is always a light, a possibility. That dreams can come true. That it is possible to come out of the darkness.
That is why each of his compositions deserves to be listened to carefully. And that’s also why, a few weeks ago he received El Cubo, the official statuette delivered by the BAMV FEST 3rd Edition -considered the first international video clip event in Argentina-, for his video Wacho Pistola.

11. LAU “Circumstance”

After the huge impact of their debut album “Believer”, LAU presents “Circumstance”, their long-awaited second album.
LAU is a songwriter, singer and drummer, and a leading figure in the current Synthwave and Retrowave scene. A catchy, eighties and danceable pop is the proposal of this Argentine artist, who since 1999 settled in the United Kingdom and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.
He has composed, worked and performed with such varied artists and the likes of Sam Sparro, NINA, Clean Bandit, Ricky Martin, Taio Cruz, Big Black Delta, The Wanted and many more.
What is it like to fall in love in these times pandemic crazy? What is it like to fall in love with an unknown person miles away? Is it real love or just a fantasy?

12. “Let Somebody Go” by Coldplay and Selena Gomez

Coldplay just released today the video for “Let Somebody Go,” their soulful single featuring Grammy-nominated singer Selena Gomez.
The single is included on Coldplay’s hit album “Music Of The Spheres”, which has already racked up more than 1 billion views.
The single follows “My Universe”, which made history by being the first No. 1 on billboard’s Hot 100 performed by two bands considered leaders; Coldplay also became the first British band to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 with this collaboration.
In Argentina, Coldplay will perform on October 25, 26, 28 and 29 at the River Plate Stadium. The tour will be accompanied by a variety of sustainability initiatives that can be seen on

13. “Puzzle” by Seba Dubar

“Puzzle” is an album that marks the beginning of the musical career of Seba Dubar, who opens the game to the public with this album of ten own songs to dance from beginning to end.
In his tracks, Dubar’s voice is accompanied by catchy riffs and vocal arrangements that go in and out of the song to give each story an extra. 
From “My Stars” inspired by her three children to “I return home” referring to her retirement from professional football and through “Walking Dead” written at the beginning of the year 2020 with the rigid pandemic confinement, “Puzzle” takes you through the musical, emotional and experiential journey of Seba Dubar. 
“Puzzle” was recorded in 2021 and is produced by Fede Pesci of El Empescinado Producciones and mixing and mastering facu Lizondo (Mirifico Estudio). Both accompany Seba on guitars, bass, piano and backing vocals and drums, respectively. 

14. “Piggy Bank”

On this occasion, the Colombian singer and composer Llane merges with Reik, one of the most recognized bands in Mexico and with KHEA Argentine singer and composer, to present his new song entitled “Alcancía” single that will be part of his first album, which will be released this year.
“Alcancía” tells us about the disappointment of losing a love because of money but in a funny way showing a reality that happens in some relationships. The track was produced by Vibarco – Zenzei and Casta, and mixed and mastered by renowned engineer Mosty.
“Valuing people for what they are, appreciating what one has and what sense it makes to succeed and fame if one is not surrounded by the right people” says the artist before the premiere of “Alcancía”.
With more than 12 years of experience in music and with each step in his career, Llane achieves a more mature sound, showing in his songs a great musical evolution.

15. “Te Fuiste” by Enrique Iglesias with Myke Towers

Global superstar Enrique Iglesias premieres the new music video for his latest single “Te Fuiste” alongside multi-platinum urban artist Myke Towers.
The theme follows from Iglesias’ most recent work entitled Final Vol. 1. The official video of the urban ballad performed by Enrique and Myke  was shot in Miami under the direction of Marlon Peña.
Since its release last fall, Final Vol. 1 has amassed more than 8.7 billion total views worldwide. Likewise, Enrique’s  eleventh album already has 57 platinum albums in 37 countries, including the United States.
The songs that make up the album have collectively received 108 platinum certifications in 23 countries and 18 gold certifications in 12 countries.

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