Eminem breaks NFL rules at halftime

Great gesture was lived at halftime of the Super Bowl by the singer Eminem, who in addition to being forbidden to kneel in honor of Colin Kaepernick, the rapper did it and showed great support for the former quarterback of the 49ers. Eminem has always been an artist who is always in support on some social, political and this time sports issues, as what he did tonight at SoFi Stadium means a lot to a guild that was sidelined for kneeling before NFL games. Colin Kaepernick was one of the pioneers of this move of kneeling in the U.S. national anthem at NFL games with his San Francisco 49ers team.Read more: NFL: Cooper Kupp needs 7 receptions to surpass Travis Kelce’s playoff record. who received punishments for this gesture and every player who did the same received the same sanction procedure in the NFL. Before the game, Puck News reporter Eriq Gardner tweeted that the NFL wanted the halftime show to be as controversy-free as possible. This meant back-and-forth conversations with Dre about some of his anti-police lyrics. The NFL also rejected Eminem’s plan to kneel, according to Gardner, and wanted to make sure Snoop Dogg didn’t use anything gang-related. Eminem knelt anyway, holding the pose to make sure it wasn’t taken as anything more than a statement. Read more: Blue Cross: The Machine suffered its second ‘blue cross’ in less than a monthEminem kneels during the halftime presentation, after NFL officials allegedly shut down the idea. Sports Editor in Los Mochis, in charge of the sports agenda of the municipality of Ahome as well as national and international sports such as major leagues, NBA, NFL, Mexican football, Champions League and other international European football leagues. Graduated from the Universidad de Occidente campus Los Mochis in the career of Communication Sciences, Degree in the English language from the University of Arizona phoenix campus, Successfully completed the digital sports journalism workshop of the University of Guadalajara.Coverage in the Mexican Pacific League attending the final of 2019 between Charros and Yaquis, As well as the Play offs of the Basketball Circuit of the Pacific Coast.He has 10 years in the company EL DEBATE of which seven he has served as sports editor. See more

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