This is why Michelle Renaud gets into a tub full of ice

Michelle Renaud, 33 years old, shared on social networks a video where she is seen getting into a tub full of ice, but not because she is sick or something like that, on the contrary, it is a type of therapy which helps you recover oxygenation in the tissues, in addition to muscle recovery due to wear. As many already know Michelle Renaud returns again to the soap operas this time she will be part of La Herencia, so she has had a lot of work in the recordings, in addition to giving everything in the gym, so she decided to resort to this therapy to be very good in all aspects. ” Entry to ice can be as easy or as difficult as your mind would have you believe. I love mind believes that it is given to get into ice has many benefits for your physical and mental health, “writes the Mexican actress before getting into the tub at a very early hour. For those who do not know in Mexico City there is tremendous cold, but that does not prevent the famous from doing everything necessary for her body to be well, in this case getting into the ice tub which has already brought her benefits, because for a long time she has been practicing it, in addition to many they are shocked that she gets into a swimsuit, because it is still a challenge for those who want to try. “I die bathing with the water at temperature, imagine getting in there”, “I want to do that but because of my asthma I do not know if it does me wrong”, “I would like to do that! Where can I look for more information Michelle? I’m from Chile Greetings”, “I do that and I wake up with pus in my throat, the body cut, 40 temperature”, write social networks when seeing the famous. For those who do not know Michelle Renaud has always been a woman who loves to do sports, but as any trade has some drawbacks such as wear, that is why she chose this option which has become very popular among young people who are dedicated to the fitness world. Read more: Eduin Caz bumps into Christian Nodal after that time he denied him a duet

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