AMLO affirms that the work of the Mayan Train will only affect 100 hectares of jungle

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that opponents of his government, “with the support of pseudo-environmentalists and their spokesmen, have mounted a campaign against the Mayan Train.” This, after civil associations denounced the felling of trees and threats to the cenote area of Quintana Roo because of the work.
Through social networks, the president shared a photograph in which he appears during one of the supervision tours of the work, which he accompanied with the text “our adversaries, with the support of pseudo-environmentalists and their spokesmen, have mounted a campaign against the Mayan Train.”
According to the president, in the thousand 500 kilometers that the train will travel, only 100 hectares will be impacted, most of them acahuales, “however, at the same time 200 thousand hectares are being reforested; three natural parks (18,000 hectares) will be created and rows of flower trees will be planted on the banks of the roads, such as guayacán, maculí and flamboyán.”

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In response to the president, a group of environmentalists went to the area, where they took photographs in which you can see the logging that has occurred. In the middle of the already treeless space, activists unfurled a banner with the word “ecocide.”
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After it was announced that the clearing began in the new line of the Mayan Train, civil organizations published a letter in which they demanded that the federal government stop “the massive logging of jungle with heavy machinery” and that it be committed “to compensate for the damage caused.”

Activists claim that the new route of the Mayan Train (in Quintana Roo) would cause the loss of more than 8 million 736 thousand trees, palms and shrubs in 120 kilometers of jungle.
They have also warned that the new layout of the work plans to pass over underground rivers, caves and cenotes in the area that goes from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.
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