The emotion of Florencia Peña to say goodbye to her cycle “Flor de Equipo”

Florencia Peña lived a last working day to the surface, since after a year and a half she says goodbye to the driving of Flor de Equipo, the magazine that she carried out on the screen of Telefe.Accompanied by part of her family, the host dedicated words for all her team and colleagues and could not avoid the emotion. ” It was a year and four months of great happiness,” he began by telling the audience, while Norma, his mother, Ramiro Ponce de León, her husband, and Felipe, her youngest son, held him in the studio. For the final program, former colleagues also attended, such as Marcelo Polino and Karina Gao who were part of the first months of the cycle and surprised by the absence of Noelia Antonelli, who days ago had a strong discussion with Nancy Pazos.

“For all the versions and things that have been said, Telefe is my home. The great successes and failures of my life I have done in this house. Because you have to fail in life, because you learn a lot from failure,” the actress said at one point, denying a conflicting exit from the channel. Then she said that although she is very happy with the end of the cycle, because she needs to look for new horizons, she will miss all her colleagues, who will continue in the cycle with a new driver and from whom she remarked the good relationship they had throughout the year and a half they worked together. However, he took a few minutes to dedicate a few words to Nancy Pazos, who was very questioned for her opinions and had a strong confrontation with Analía Franchín and Noelia Antonelli and said: “It was a pleasure to have met you, the things I had to tell you I already told you personally. It was a pleasure, I admire you. You’re a great journalist. It was very important to have you by your side, you were a very important pillar for me in this program, I learned a lot with you,” said Florencia. I was very sorry for what happened the other day, but I know there are things that sometimes happen and that’s it. Turn the page,” he closed.

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