Tiktokers show off their apartment sales and memes emerge

Controversial videos continue to reach the TikTok social network, as recently some young people went viral on the social network after showing off their apartment sales. This situation as expected caused various reactions some mocking the business model and others of its accent and appearance. The video was shared by the real estate agency, “Cole Capital Growth” on Tik Tok in which they show some of the members of the project showing off the sales they have had in recent months. Hello, I’m Diego and I’ve been carrying three depas in three times. I am Nicolás Agüero and I sold an apartment in three weeks, I am Andrea and I have sold two depas in two months. I’m Alfredo Sámano and I’ve sold a depa in two weeks,” the young people exclaim in the video. While this post is not at all strange compared to those made by real estate groups, apparently the appearance of young people and their way of speaking was what sparked a series of criticisms and memes on Twitter.In addition, in the publication, the director of that project invites more young people to join and achieve with their contacts, sales such as those reflected in the video. The video for many was mocked by some users, some for its way of speaking or appearance. Although they also pointed out that the video could be a possible scam or one of those entrepreneurship projects that are usually promoted on social networks. After the video, memes emerged on Twitter The footage was answered with comments such as; “Hello I’m Eduardo, and I’ve sold 10 tamales in 2 hours”, “Hello I’m Alberto and I owe 2 months of rent”, “Hello I’m Alfredo Adame and I’ve had three madrizas and a clash in three months”, among others. Read more: “There is no excuse”: Abuelito leads to sterilize his dog on horsebackThe controversy did not end on Tik Tok and spread to other social networks such as Twitter, where users were more cruel and created memes, to give a more humorous touch to what was related in the video. Tiktokers show off their apartment sales and memes emerge

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