Government withdrew from Comptroller’s Office decree that established new requirements to qualify for temporary residence

According to the National Migration Service, the document was withdrawn by the government of President Gabriel Boric and, consequently, it will be necessary to wait for the Undersecretariat of the Interior to re-enter the decree so that the Comptroller can make its reason and thus enter into force.
“Until the supreme decree defining the migratory subcategories is issued, the migratory categories established in Decree Law No. 1,094 of 1975, which establishes rules on foreigners in Chile (Temporary Visa, Visa Subject to Contract and Student Visa) will govern,” the National Migration Service states on its website.
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The Ministry of the Interior of the current administration withdrew from the comptroller the decree that established the migratory subcategories of temporary residence of new visas. In the decree presented by Sebastián Piñera, 16 types were defined, among them: visa for humanitarian reasons (as a permit for victims of human trafficking, domestic violence; or for unaccompanied children); for family reunification, for refugees and political exiles; for job opportunities; for investors, or for foreigners looking to settle in the country in order to study in educational facilities.
According to El Mercurio, the issue was criticized by the opposition, from where they argued that because of this, in the midst of the migratory crisis that shakes the north of the country, a 1975 norm with old requirements now governs and that “hinders” the development of the new legislation.
“I think it is a very bad sign, especially at this time when in the north we are facing a serious migration crisis and we need this new legislation operating fully to try to order what happens,” Senator Luz Ebensperger (UDI) told the morning.
“The Government, in the end, with the withdrawal of this decree that established the new migratory subcategories, is trying to derail this new law,” warned the legislator, “in some way, it is bending the hand of Congress, because as when they were part of Parliament they did not have the necessary votes to reject these norms and approve those they wanted, today that they are government they are using their powers to turn it into a dead letter.”

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