Retreats for men: how they are and what they propose

“Men’s Retreat” is a concept that works on transformation and evolution to build new models of masculinity. With tools ranging from yoga, biodecoding and natural food. More than 300 men arrive a year to participate in the meetings in different parts of Uruguay and Argentina, with the aim of deepening issues that cross men in society. Violence, abuse, lack of father figure, abandonment, sexual awakening, are some of the most discussed topics in the retreats: “Wounded men arrive and with great stories of unspoken life and with a great desire to heal,” explains its founder Sebastián Ron (Swami Kadhim, his spiritual name).

These retreats are guided by experts from various techniques and disciplines who carry out exercises such as meditation, yoga, physical activity, psychotherapy, gestalt, bioenergetics, sound therapy, thematic talks, Akashic records and human design. This proposal has had a great impact since its inception and today is developed in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. 

What are the withdrawals like? They are meetings between peers to deepen various individual and group issues that concern men in society. Introspection, self-knowledge, observing the psychic-physical and emotional aspects. There are retreats of different durations, ranging from 2 to 7 days, where therapeutic work, spaces for group interaction and rest are provided. They are always within nature using disciplines and therapies that vary according to the proposal of each retreat. None of the activities are mandatory, each participant is free to be or not in the workspaces. No previous experience in spiritual activities is necessary. Healthy eating is essential in retreats and natural and vegetarian ingredients are promoted. Accommodation varies by location and there are individual and/or group room options depending on the need of each participant.  In this new stage of Men’s Retreat, all the new situations related to the pandemic are contemplated, such as isolation, fears and the connection between physical and emotional health as well as sexuality among other issues. Religion and politics are two issues that are left out when entering the retreats.

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