Santa Fe: Argentine Tinder scammer arrested

The detainee who claimed to be “Leila” was identified as non-commissioned officer Laila Micaela Ríos, had served in the Santa Fe Police between 2016 and 2021, when she was arrested in a drug case, so she remained under house arrest. It was also discovered that her real boyfriend is a man named Juan Pedro Calderón who is also being held for drugs and illegal arms sales. The complaint against the “Scammer of Tinder” had been filed in Chubut by a young man of 25 years who said that “Leila”, after meeting her in the popular dating network, with different arguments that responded to various stories managed to provide him with 4.5 million pesos. The young man said that he could never see “Leila”, because when he arranged to meet, she, a few hours after the meeting, made various excuses to postpone the appointment. He also said that he had discovered that part of the money he stole from her, “Leila” dedicated to operating on her breasts, among other surgeries. After an arduous and coordinated work between the police of Santa Fe and Chubut, the province in which the complaint was filed, Ríos, 27, was located and detained. According to police spokesmen, among other details, the investigators managed to determine that in cross conversations with her boyfriend it could be confirmed that they were trying to attack the house of a prosecutor: “It makes me want to go and blow up the house to the prosecutor” she would have said in the conversation. The background is extensive and shows that the couple was not only engaged in scamming people through apps, but also by other methods. The young woman is accused of being part of a gang that is credited with usurping houses, handling firearms and storing drugs.

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