Presidential delegate in the Biobío Region Daniela Dresdner: “We need to deliver security, but also social investment”

Absolutely condemning the violence, the presidential delegate in the Biobío Region, Daniela Dresdner, said that in the government of President Gabriel Boric they are working even since last night with the Municipality of Contulmo, emphasizing that the objective is to support the victims.
After the meeting held this morning with community authorities, Daniela Dresdner also indicated that they do not rule out the possibility of filing complaints to find those responsible for what happened next to Lake Lanalhue.
“We have also been working with all the government teams to come to the aid of these families and put at their disposal the tools we have to help them,” said Delegate Dresdner, affirming that they are also working on the most structural issues that affect the commune of independent Mayor Carlos Leal.
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The representative of the Executive in the Biobío Region stressed that tomorrow a “police committee” will be held to see the security issues in a nutshell. “We have opened the doors of dialogue and those doors will remain open and we believe that this is the solution we need,” he said.
The presidential delegate added in that sense that the openness to dialogue does not detract from them as a government being able to file complaints “in the cases that we consider necessary.”
Through a statement, Dresdner said that they are analyzing, together with the Undersecretary of the Interior, the case of Contulmo, where on Friday night there was a violent arson attack on the shores of Lake Lanalhue and where at least 11 homes were damaged; no injuries.
“These facts do not frighten us. We are reinforced by the idea that the Wallmapu needs more state presence. And that is what we will continue to do,” said the presidential delegate in the Biobío Region Daniela Dresnder.
And he said that, to improve people’s living conditions, “we need to deliver security, but we also need to deliver social investment.”
Finally, regarding the criticisms, Delegate Dresnder said that they have been working since minute one and that they have cared about the victims above all things, along with “advancing the solutions that are the solutions that people need.”

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