This is the easiest recipe for making compote at home

The compote is a special preparation that resembles jam in its texture, with this preparation you can decorate and add flavor to both salty and sweet dishes, since the main ingredient is usually different fruits, so today we propose this recipe easy to make at home with which in a short time, you will get a delicious red fruit compote to enjoy. This recipe is for 4 servings and its degree of difficulty is low. Read More: Pineapple flipping, easy recipe for a homemade dessertIngredients for making red fruit compote: 150 grams of strawberries. 150 grams of raspberry. 150 grams of blackberry. 50 grams of blueberry. 350 grams of standard sugar. Water in necessary quantity. 1 lemon Preparation mode: Place all the red fruits in a saucepan or pot with enough space, add cold water and stir with light moves to remove the excess soil they may have, repeat 3 times and let drain on a rack or a piece of absorbent paper. Place a large pan or pot over medium heat and empty all the red fruits, while increasing the level of the fire and adding a little water to barely cover the bottom, allowing it to boil. Little by little they will release all the juices, stir with a wooden spoon to integrate the fruits. Gradually add the sugar to caramelize and stir every so often to prevent it from sticking, remember that the more water you add, the more liky it will become and it will have a less solid consistency. Finally remove from the heat and add the zest of a lemon, mix it to integrate along with the drops of half a lemon, reserve until it cools and store in a closed container in refrigeration Read more: 3 refreshing smoothies that you should try this spring, easy to makeTips for this recipe: Add the zest of half an orange to improve the flavor. You can combine blackberries with other fruits such as pineapple. You can also store the compote under vacuum to extend its shelf life Remember to eat healthy and share this recipe with your whole family. Click to upload survey

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