Three members of the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires were disaffected

The incident was recorded yesterday morning, around 9:30 a.m., at kilometer 33 of the Autopista del Sol, meters from the toll booth on Henry Ford Street, in the town of General Pacheco, in the aforementioned northwest party of Greater Buenos Aires.
In that place was an operation for crime prevention, within the framework of this procedure, the officers stopped a car and, according to the investigation, requested a payment of three thousand pesos to continue on their way. According to the complaint filed, the man who was arrested, transferred the money through the Mercado Pago application to one of the officers, leaving a record of his name, CUIL and code of the operation.
The victim was known to the National Deputy Agustina Propato, wife of the Buenos Aires security minister Sergio Berni, who received on her cell phone the man’s complaint.” Hello comrade Agustina. I know you’re not for these things. Look, I have just been bribed at the Pacheco toll booth in a Buenos Aires Police operation. It’s not my habit to ‘splash’ and I didn’t, but they are so idiotic that they allowed me to pay them the bribe for Mercado Pago. If it serves Sergio, I am at his disposal,” the message read, according to the sources. The General Auditor of Internal Affairs of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security became aware of the fact around 1.30 a.m. on Sunday and quickly the audit María Martínez ordered the disaffection of the three involved. ” A summary was opened and the fact and the actions of the troops are being investigated,” a source linked to the investigation told Telam. Meanwhile, the prosecutor María Virginia Toso, in charge of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) of Don Torcuato, charged the three policemen with the crime of “illegal exactions”, which according to the Criminal Code provides for a prison sentence of one to four years and special disqualification of one to six years. ” It is not known if the complainant was threatened, coerced, or if the three accused personnel intervened or only the account holder. The circumstances of the incident are not clear because the victim has not yet appeared in court. He was summoned for tomorrow early in the morning to be able to obtain more details,” a judicial source told Telam. Prosecutor Toso has already requested the guard book, Mercado Pago’s record of the transfer made and the cell phone of the three policemen was hijacked.

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