INAI investigates AMLO for disseminating information about Loret de Mola

The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Data Protection (INAI) initiated an ex officio investigation of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the dissemination of sensitive data of journalist Carlos Loret de Mola.
Animal Político consulted the INAI about this information and corroborated that the notification to the Presidency was made on April 21; however, because the investigation against the president is just beginning, no further details of the process can be given.
The INAI investigation was opened because López Obrador, in the morning of April 7, made public a tax receipt in the name of Carlos Loret de Mola for the purchase of an apartment.

The document shows the Federal Taxpayers Registry, the description of the tax operation, the cost of the property and a stamp of the SAT. This makes the person fully identifiable and therefore the INAI must protect their personal data.
AMLO publishes information on Loret de Mola
On the morning of April 7, Andrés Manuel López Obrador published that journalist Carlos Loret de Mola bought an apartment for 24 million pesos and that the payment was made in a single exhibition.
In addition to the bill, the president showed a plan of a piece of land that the journalist also bought and said he did not understand how, with the noble profession of journalism, so much money could be accumulated.

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