Esteban Villegas is committed to making UJED the best university in the country

Durango.- The candidate of the alliance “Va por Durango” to the governorship of the state, Esteban Villegas Villarreal, held a meeting on Friday with the community of the maximum house of studies of Durango, with whom he made the commitment to turn the Juárez University of the State of Durango (UJED) into the best in the country, establishing financial stability to it. In the university we have been taught what sport is worth, what art is worth, culture, we have to turn it into one of the best universities in the country and I want to make a commitment to you, “said the candidate. He also indicated that to achieve this, the university must first be given financial stability, for which he assured that he will focus all his effort and work and not have difficulties again; in addition, he promised never to mess with the autonomy of the UJED and the only thing he asked in return is that the government be accompanied to avoid mistakes.” Durango cannot go wrong, Durango has to start generating an acceleration in regional economic growth, Durango is going to be a before and after with the participation in the government of all of you,” said Villegas Villarreal.We recommend you read: Giving your support to the candidate Esteban Villegas, was the federal deputy Xóchitl Gálvez, who pointed out that it is necessary to innovate, and that is why he assured that he will be supported from the Senate of the Republic to generate the necessary projects that promote the use of clean energy, as well as the supply and supply of water, so he also made himself available to the UJED and thus develop the actions that strengthen the development of Durango.

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