Elections in Australia: Labour returned to power after nine years

The Australian Labour Party, led by Anthony Albanese, overtook the Conservative coalition of Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who had led power since 2013. However, it is estimated that Labour does not have enough seats and will have to form alliances to govern. As reported by the DW site, the projections of the Australian Electoral Commission give 71 seats to Labor, close to 76 to reach an absolute majority, compared to the 53 that Morrison’s Liberal-National party would have obtained. The result of the election, which took place on Saturday, put an end to the almost nine years of power of the conservative coalition. The result came as a result of swings in favor of the party and the collapse of support for the coalition. After the victory, Albanese vowed to unite Australian citizens, saying: “I say to my fellow Australians: thank you for this extraordinary honour. Tonight the Australian people have voted for change.” For his part, Morrison congratulated his opponent and announced that he will resign as leader of the Liberal Party. “To my colleagues tonight, who have had to deal with very difficult news and who have lost their seats tonight, I, as the leader, take responsibility for the victories and defeats,” he told his supporters. He added: “As a result, I will hand over the leadership at the next party room meeting to ensure that the party can move forward under new leadership, which is the right thing to do.”  

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