How to build moments of happiness at work?

I like to think that organizations are focusing their resources on enhancing the meeting point between work and happiness. But make no mistake, it is not the responsibility of the organization that its employees are happy people 24/7. The organization can work on the concept of happiness within the work environment, but the real responsible is oneself and I will explain it to you as follows.
It is a conceto of happiness can have different meanings for each person, so it is important to start by agreeing on a definition to be able to work on it. Let’s understand happiness as an emotion that occurs, consciously, when you reach a moment of fulfillment, where you enjoy something or have achieved goals that make you feel fulfilled.
This definition allows us to build moments of happiness within work and here I am going to give you six ideas of how to do it:
First: Plan, schedule and book in your workday a moment of fulfillment, enjoyment or enjoyment. This can be achieved by identifying a task you like over the others or sharing a rewarding conversation with a colleague. Add it and reserve that space consciously and resignify it as a moment of satisfaction.
Second: If we are always doing the same thing, our days become monotonous and flat. Even when your tasks are repetitive, you can find a way to challenge yourself to do something different—like, for example—a one-off task. It is not necessary to demand or break a procedure, it should only be real, but meaningful for you and when doing it generates a feeling of achievement. Challenge yourself once a week.
Third: Faced with the same fact, people react differently and happiness is a positive state of mind. It goes beyond seeing the positive side of things, it is to identify the usefulness of facts. What are you inviting me to? What can I do? If you focus on “doing” you will find something to achieve.
Fourth: Our mind processes 60,000 thoughts daily. Can you imagine how you would feel if you accumulated them? more than one you can share. Participating and being heard will also depend on your intention to participate and feel part of something. Today, your ideas are welcome if you know how and where to convey them. Being heard generates the feeling of accomplishment.
Fifth: One of the most rewarding moments at work is the feeling that comes from recognizing and/or thanking someone for their attitude, disposition or good work. Do it consciously and enjoy the feeling of doing it. That’s enjoyment.

Sixth: When you recognize these sensations imagine that you can put “pause” and consciously call it happiness. Take care at the end of the day to remember how many happy moments you built in the day. That’s your best indicator.
If 84% of our daily thoughts are negative, choosing to build moments of happiness means being willing to walk a path little worked, where discipline and perseverance will allow you to build work habits that facilitate the construction of happy moments at work. And remember, the number of moments is to the consumer’s liking.

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