FGE Michoacán agent murdered, investigating kidnappings

Morelia, Michoacán.- At night an agent of the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping (UECS) was killed by armed men who entered the place where his victim was having dinner, the events took place in Morelia, Michoacán.The young Miguel Ángel, only 28 years old, was in a food business located on Lacas de Uruapan Street, when he was surprised by armed men, who entered the diner and fired their firearms at him. The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE) reported the facts through a statement, where it said that the investigation folder for the murder of agent Miguel Ángel.De the first investigations carried out by the elements of the FGE, it could be determined that shortly before 23:00 hours, the agent assigned to the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping (UECS), he was having dinner in an establishment located on Lacas de Uruapan Street, when two people entered who fired firearms against him. After the attack, the gunmen fled, while the investigating officer died at the scene as a result of the wounds produced by the gunshots, the people who witnessed the events made a call for help to the authorities. Personnel from the Expert Services and Crime Scene Unit (USPEC) went to the site to proceed with the respective actions and undertake investigations aimed at clarifying the facts. Let’s read: So far the FGE has not given information on the identification, location or arrest of those responsible, nor has it indicated anything about the motive of the homicide committed against one of its agents. Macario’s mother takes the Coahuayana bridge – Tecomán, demands her 15-year-old son appear alive

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