Having two beers can send you to Cerecito in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.- Due to the upcoming entry into force of the new General Law on Sustainable Mobility and Road Safety approved by the Senate of the Republic, which indicates a decrease from .075 to .025 in the amount of alcohol allowed for drivers, it is expected that the number of motorists referred to the Total Civic Recovery Center (Cerecito) will increase considerably. According to What the coordinator of Road Safety, César Tapia Martínez, told El Diario de Juárez, who added that a person can be taken to the Cerecito for having only had two beers, because the breathalyzer will mark an amount higher than allowed. He pointed out that the worrying thing is that currently it is working with the breathalyzer in .075, but now with the approval of the Senate to reduce that amount to .025, a large increase is expected, and that is that when testing some drivers, they leave only with alcoholic breath and before this law there was no problem, but now they will have to send them. Tapia Martínez reported that Cerecito has enough capacity for the number of detainees who are expected to enter with these changes, but does not rule out the possibility of building another space if necessary; while in the number of agents that are counted, ensures that they are properly prepared, because two weeks ago the third shift was reinforced, which has given better results with the arrest of drivers in an inconvenient state. He explained that another of the areas that will have to be reinforced is that of doctor on board, since they are the only ones empowered to be able to perform breathalyzer tests. It is worth mentioning that on April 5, the Senate approved this change, which orders the application of the breathalyzer throughout the country, as well as setting equal speed limits throughout the Mexican territory, and was published on May 17 in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF). This establishes that driving with a degree of alcohol greater than .25 milligrams per liter of air or .05 grams per liter of blood, will be prohibited, while for motorcyclists such parameters will be 0.1 milligrams per liter of air or .02 milligrams per liter of blood, while there will be zero tolerance for transport drivers. We recommend you read: This Law also contemplates that states and municipalities must set speed limits of 30 kilometers per hour on streets, 50 kilometers per hour on avenues, 80 kilometers per hour on expressways, 80 kilometers per hour on roads and 110 kilometers per hour for cars on federal roads and highways.

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