1985 banknote is taxed at 250 thousand pesos on the internet

The Internet is a very profitable space for all types of merchants. Items of all kinds are bought and sold. One of the most attractive markets for Internet users is that of collectibles. The historical value that some objects possess has made them authentic precious stones for thousands of collectors around the world. This is the case of the 1000 peso note of the year 1985, valued by a user in the 250 thousand pesos on the free market sales portalThis copy entered circulation on July 19, 1985 as indicated by its printing date that can be seen on the left side to the backThe seller describes his valuable piece as a “1,000 collection note, of July 19, 1985, in good condition, with the cover of Juana de Asbaje”. On the reverse, in addition to the date of printing, there is an illustration of the Historic Center of the CDMX, in particular the famous Plaza de Santo Domingo that is located between the streets of the Republic of Cuba and the Republic of Brazil.We recommend you read: There is also a container of ink and inside a pen. On that same side there are lines that resemble the rays of the sun but observing them against light emerges the figure of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

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