Guzman stressed that “conditions are being built” for inflation to fall

The Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, remarked that the management of Alberto Fernández is “building the conditions” for a decrease in the monthly inflation rate, after registering figures above 5%. In this sense, he assured that the accumulation of reserves is “fundamental” to achieve the macroeconomic stability that the country needs and added: “We are building the conditions so that the monthly inflation rate continues to fall,” in radio statements. On the other hand, the national official indicated that the sustained and generalized increase in prices “is the main problem in the world and in Argentina it is stronger.” In addition, he anticipated that inflation in May will be lower than that registered the previous month and commented that the country “is on a path of very strong economic recovery with job creation.”

“Argentina is solving very serious problems that were fundamental to do so so that we can continue on this path and also to be able to attack the problem of inflation,” he added and explained that “on the one hand there is an internal component and another of inertia, due to the custom in the inflationary process that the economic dynamics itself gives persistence to the phenomenon and that is the first thing that has to be broken.” On the other hand, he remarked: “The most important thing is to have a consistent macro policy, which means that what we do from the fiscal and monetary policy has to help the country to gather reserves, dollars, because when they are missing there is more inflation and the recovery cannot be sustained”, and deepened: “That is fundamental and we mark an absolute commitment to an economic program that among the objectives to which it aims is that and that this allows us that in 2023 that the economy continues to grow and generate employment and that expectations are calmed and inflation is reduced”. Finally, he highlighted the economic indicators and assured that “it does not make sense to talk about rebound”, but that it is a “genuine recovery”. “The economy is in a better position than in 2019,” he said and concluded: “The collapse of the previous economic model closed Argentina’s access to markets.”

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