Project to stabilize electricity accounts will continue its debate tomorrow in the Mining and Energy Committee of the Lower House

The legislative process of the project of the Government of President Gabriel Boric began, which seeks to create an energy stabilization and emergency fund, in addition to establishing a mechanism that temporarily stabilizes electricity prices to customers who are constantly regulated.
It was expected that today the Mining and Energy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies would vote on the initiative, but the parliamentarians themselves requested that the discussion continue this Mars due to the importance and complexity of the norm. In addition, they expect Energy Minister Claudio Huepe to attend — it was not hpy — to explain in greater depth.
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Those attending today’s session were the Undersecretary of Energy, Julio Maturana; who joined him as exhibitors: the executive director of the Association of Unregulated Electric Customers (Acenor), Javier Bustos; the academic of the University of Santiago, Humberto Verdejo and the executive secretary of the Chilean Association of Energy Marketers (Acen), Eduardo Andrade.
In the commission, the speakers themselves pointed out that the Executive’s project has several problems, such as that it would not stabilize the funds and would not take care of the increase in rates. Humberto Verdejo said that “the rate will go up and it will be the users themselves who will pay it.”
Intervention of the Undersecretary
Faced with this, Undersecretary Maturana indicated that “this is not a project to freeze prices, but it is a project to stabilize prices.”

Also, as an example, he explained that “if a family consumes $ 30,000, this year it would maintain $ 30,000. Without this law, the family could rise to 40%. That is, it would go from $30,000 to $42,000. Now, next year, when the controlled rise in prices begins to be made – that is why this is a law that is not freezing, it is stabilization – those families that consume up to 250 kilowatts would have a maximum increase of 5%. I mean, they would go from $30,000 to $31,500.”
Finally, he said that the initiative aims to ensure that families do not suffer large increases in the price of the electricity bill.

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