Cecilia Bolocco spoke about the illness that her son Máximo went through

Cecilia Bolocco gave an interview for a program in Chile and opened her heart by telling how the days were, after her son Máximo was diagnosed with a brain tumor. There with great caution, the driver expressed: “Maximus’ illness … that lapidary diagnosis, that death sentence, killed me. But I had to stay alive to take care of him, to treat him, to accompany him and to enjoy him,” she began by telling. And he added about that moment that, according to his words, changed his life and his gaze forever: “When his treatment ends, I put only a great north: to change history for those who, from that day that I returned with this diagnosis, did not feel that the world was ending,” he said. 

“Because I am convinced that there is much to be done and that someone had to venture into this complex, difficult, titanic task. As Pepo told me: ‘Cecilia you went crazy!’ I said… Yes, but I’m not going to rest until I get it. Because I know what needs to be done, because I lived it in my own flesh. I bled to death,” she said, moved. “I need all mothers, all patients, fathers or brothers or uncles or grandparents of a cancer patient to be certain that the path they take, the treatment they perform on their loved ones, is the right one,” she said very excitedly. Then he spoke of the center he found to treat his son: “I was referred to another center in the United States that had the best technology for his treatment that should be irradiated throughout his central nervous system, with possible very dramatic sequelae, because if they saved his life he could be left with motor, motor, cognitive problems, his growth was going to stop, I was going to have heart, liver, kidney, infertility problems. That was to annihilate it. But we arrived at this center that had that extraordinary technology, but they did not apply the correct protocol and they put us back in that tremendous abyss of saying ‘And now what!’ We went to a third center, they gave me another treatment and there I said ‘Dios Mio I can no longer with this,'” he said. At the same time he expressed that it was there when he found the Saint Jude Hospital where they finally saved the life of his son, who today four years later leads a completely normal life. Then he went into some details, also painful, when talking about Maximo’s paternal family: “Carlos’ family was never close to my son, at any time in his life, that was complex, very hard. But Carlos did come when they operated on Maximus, he was. Although I think he never knew the seriousness of the problem,” he said. 

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